Photos of Photos

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The Mona Lisa, 2018.

The Mona Lisa, 2018.

My Photos of Photos

It first happened in Hong Kong, I got bored of taking the same photos of everyone else so I turned my camera to those taking the shots. I still don’t know exactly why people take photos of everything they see. I know it’s not because it’s a good photo, if you really wanted a shot, you’d just Google it. I think it’s more to do with cementing a memory. We take photos to remember where we were and how you felt at this moment. I now have thousands of these photos of photos.

One of my favourite things to do is look through the images on my camera, it makes me happy and the photos provide much more detail than my memory. I forgot about the eggplant I ate, the girl we met and that dog we saw.

One of my favourite feelings is looking at a note you’ve jotted down that you don’t remember writing. For example, I have a note in my phone from 2011 that says: “Remember to pay Steve $88 for equipment hire” - I have no idea who Steve is and why I rented anything from him.

When I travel, I add more of these to my collection.