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I do not work with venues who use blue tack.

Blue Tack is my personal signal that I’m sitting in a reactive business. If you need better signage, get a frame. If you want to improve your way-finding, plan your floor plan better. If you need to sell more tickets for your Negroni Week event, promote it correctly. I learnt this from a beautiful client of mine who’s extremely deliberate, thoughtful and creative. She hated blue tack and I learnt to too.

Recently, my favourite bar in Melbourne was sold and in less than two weeks, Blue Tack was introduced. It was right on the front door to announce their reduced opening hours… I was devastated, I’d lost my favourite bar (applications now open)

When you know an industry, small signals help us a lot. For others, it might be the way a certain dressmaker hems a skirt, or how you apply a cross dissolve or how the eggs are poached. And if you don’t know the infamous M&Ms story, you can read about it here. Signals help us identify creativity, laziness and attention to detail.

Marcus Willis