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My 7 Favourite Books of 2018

This is Marketing - Seth Godin

By Seth so you know I like it. I got this one just at the end of 2018. I was way too excited and read it in a weekend but I’m working through it again now and taking notes. My quote favourite so far: “If you can’t succeed in the small, why do you believe you will succeed in the large?” This gave me a lot to think about, especially about a riff Seth’s spoken about before regarding being a freelancer versus business owner. More on this later.

Focus Planner - Michael Hyatt

This one isn’t a book per se but it is one of my favourites and has helped me to do more in 2018 than ever. It’s a simple planner that’s sent to you every quarter. You write down your annual/quarterly goals and break them down into 3 big tasks per week and per day. It’s actually very simple and a regular diary would do after you’ve forced the habit but I feel slightly more accountable having 4 of these sent to me each year. I’m going to continue with these in 2019 and finish more projects than ever.

Find Your Why - Simon Sinek

I started and stopped reading this one several times as you need a partner to complete some of the exercises in it but finally completed it with a friend of mine. It’s actually rather confronting which is fantastic.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey

This book is brilliant and when I read it the first time I really didn’t put much of it in practice. This year and read it slowly and went through the exercises. In particular, the personal mission statement which gave me a brilliant perspective. This is a book I’m planning to be continuously reading.

The Personal MBA - Josh Kaufman

This book is brilliant and a friend of mine gave it to be 5 years ago when I was considering starting my business. I re-read it on planes as each chapter can be picked up from anywhere. It’s a great reminder of some very important business principles. My copy is very worn out and has notes on most pages now. In 2018 this one was particularly important as I was starting some new business ventures.

San Francisco - Monocle

This one is silly but it gets me really excited. I’m heading to SF and the US in 2019 and reading these books is always easy and relaxing, especially in the evenings. If I try to read This Is Marketing before I go to sleep, I end up getting too excited and want to go back to work or can’t fall asleep.

Adverbs - Daniel Handler

This is a great collection of short stories about love. They all eventually interrelate and is very relaxing to read.

Other great books from 2018 were: Book Your Solid, Switch and YES!.

Marcus Willis