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Noises at the Ballet

I know very little about the technical manoeuvres of ballet but I love it. I recently went to a dance performance along with a group of dancers in the audience.

An interesting thing occurs in this situation, they gasp at the most complicated and daring dance moves from the dancer. For me it was just all impressive that they didn’t fall over and accidentally rip down a curtain.

The dancers in the audience, however, were dishing out gasps and cheers as they recognised the technical and flawless elements from the performer. All of these cheers and “Ohhhh’s” made the whole performance much more impressive for me. I still didn’t know (at the time) what aplomb meant but these small signals from the crowd told me that whatever I was watching was excellent.

If they weren’t there with me, I still would have known that it was excellent but the Dunning-Kruger effect may have kicked in and made me think that all dancers can just do that. I think it’s great to realise you know very little about something, it makes whatever you’re admiring much more impressive. It also taught me that you can insert your own gasps where ever you like in your own work.

Marcus Willis