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Stuck in Broadcast Mode

Kia Australia spent $45,000,000 on marketing last year and this restaurant, this bar and this farmer have more Instagram followers than them. How on earth is this possible?

I believe it’s because they are stuck in broadcast mode. They are used to placing an ad, leaving it there and waiting. The tools we have available to us right now are unbelievable. My favourite application of technology is the ability to connect with people on a 1-1 level. Here’s an example of the comments section of a Kia post.

These are customers asking you questions about your products online, what a brilliant opportunity, you don’t expect people to ask your billboard questions so why would you bother patrolling it?

If I were Kia, I’d delete my social media accounts. I’d focus on broadcast channels and that’s it. It’s best to remove the channel instead of ignoring a customer.

Show, don’t tell. Instagram is a 1-1 marketing platform, not an advertising channel. PS, here is an example where a customer wrote a poem for a company and they responded with a custom haiku.

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Marcus Willis